There’s some things worth avoiding in life, but then there’s some things that you should never miss out on. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Nashville each and every year to see what our wonderful city has to offer. While most people try to add avoiding tourist traps to their list of things to miss out on, you’re not getting to live the full Nashville experience unless you’ve been to these five places that attract a lot of attention in Music City!

1. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken


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Hattie B’s is a Nashville staple. The restaurant first opened in Midtown in 2012 and has been met with a tremendous amount of success. It’s seriously not a trip to Nashville without a little bit of Hattie B’s.

Fans of hot chicken, one of the South’s most famous dishes, stand in line for hours in order to try their own little slice of southern heat. It’s all a part of the experience, though. If you get there early, you won’t have to wait too long, but show up around 11 or 12 and you’ll find yourself sweating and ready for a glass of sweet tea.

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While Nashville is known for its hot chicken, this restaurant is the clear winner each and every time. Even locals can’t get enough of this spicy delicacy. And everyone knows Nashville residents hate standing in line alongside tourists. Nevertheless, Hattie B’s is so worth it.

Try the sides, order literally everything on the menu, and get to work. You won’t be tasting chicken like this for a long time if you are from out of town.

2. Bridgestone Arena


Before I moved to Nashville, I had never been to a hockey game. I’ve seen the crowds of tourists and locals who flock to watch the Preds at Bridgestone Arena, which is conveniently located Downtown, but it all seemed a little congested for my liking.

Finally one day, my roommate had a free ticket and conned me into going. I honestly had a blast and couldn’t wait to go back to another game! This seriously was one of my favorite sporting events that I’ve ever been to.

Preds fans are a lot of fun and the crowd helps get you rooting for the hockey team, even if it isn’t your favorite sport. It’s more about the atmosphere than anything else.

Beer, hot dogs, nachos, and fights are regulars at Preds games.

If you happen to be in town during the NHL’s season, try to make it to a game. Tickets are affordable and since Bridgestone is located Downtown, you can keep the party going after a victory!

Check out their schedule for this year, here! They’ve got a few great games coming up soon.

3. Tootsies

Tootsies Orchard Lounge is probably Nashville’s most legendary bar. If you are Downtown, you absolutely cannot miss it, due to the fact that it is painted bright purple. Out of all of Nashville’s Honky Tonks, this is the one to visit if you have to pick a singular one.

The bar has been open since 1960 and is named after its owner, Hattie Louise “Tootsie” Bess. Before she took over ownership, the world famous honky tonk was called Mom’s, which doesn’t exactly sounds like a place you want to get down at.

According to the folklore surrounding the bar, a painter accidentally got the paint color wrong, hence the shocking purple color. It suited the place though, so its been purple since then!

The hit TV show, Nashville, has filmed at this location several times, as well as a few scene’s from Loretta Lynn’s Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Although a ton of tourists visit Tootsies, this is a place you are bound to have a great time at. The bar is also known as a safe haven for up and coming artists in Nashville, so be sure to check it out. You never know when someone will make it big!

In Nashville, anything can happen!

4. The Grand Ole Opry

Finally, The Grand Ole Opry is the best tourist trap that I can think of for people to visit, whether they are a Nashville resident or just sightseeing for the weekend. The Opry has a long history of entertaining the masses, so they really know how to put on a show.

While the original program began in 1925 as a humble little radio show, it’s amazing to know what’s its amassed to today. Originally, the live performances took place at the Ryman Auditorium, beginning in the 1940s. During the 1970s, the Grand Ole Opry House opened on the expanded Opry Mills property. There are still a few shows done at the Ryman every year to pay tribute to the Opry’s origins.

At the Opry, you’ll find country music’s most famous artists like Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Sturgill Simpson, and pretty much anybody who’s a somebody. It’s slogan is “The Show that Made Country Music Famous.” In a way, it did provide an outlet for new artists on the radio. So, if you want to pay tribute to country music, a visit to the Ryman or the Grand Ole Opry is necessary.

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Any country music artist knows that playing at the Opry is one of the highest honors you can receive. Why not celebrate the heritage of Nashville’s favorite genre by heading down to Opryland and watching one of your favorite performers live out their dream on this famous stage?