Looking for a fun day trip in Nashville? Bored of the same old scene? Well, we’ve got a few great suggestions for you if you like a little bit of mystery in your life. These “hidden” gems in Nashville are great for a day full of scavenger hunting! Plan an interactive weekend with a friend and see if you can find all five! And remember, it’s only a secret if you don’t tell anyone else about it!

1. The 404 Hotel


The 404 Hotel isn’t exactly a secret, but I guarantee you’ll walk right past it and never know it’s there. This is such a great place to stay during a Nashville vacation/staycation, especially after a night wining and dining at it’s counterpart, the 404 Kitchen. The 404 Kitchen is also known for being one of the best restaurants in Nashville, so the bar is already set high for its “secret hotel.”

Regardless of whether you’re dining at the 404 Kitchen, this place totally delivers. The air of mystique surrounding this place is exciting for people who love movies like The Shining. The long hallway, splashed in pink ambiance, is a little spooky, but as soon as you open the door to your hotel room, you’re met with a fresh white design aesthetic and spa-like bathrooms.

Make a reservation today, but make sure you ask for directions! You’re going to need them!

2. The Patterson House


The Patterson House is known as one of Nashville’s best bars, but where exactly is it? I’m not giving up any secrets! You’ll have to find it for yourself. Let me just say, that you won’t be disappointed in the cocktails. Just make sure you follow all of their rules! They’re known for giving out their strict guidelines to guests and asking you to leave if you don’t abide.

A beautiful vintage chandelier hangs above the bar, which is modeled after a 1920s speakeasy. There’s a small library and about thirty seats around the center mixology station. It’s a great place to hangout on a night where you want to do something low key with a few of your friends.

This business has quickly become a Nashville staple, so follow the crowd and get moving at this art deco-styled joint!

3. Love Circle


The best view of Nashville can be seen from our very own Lover’s Lane. Take your sweetheart here and give them a big ole kiss as you watch over the beautiful city lights. A simple Google search will tell you where this place is, but what’s the fun in that? Go meet some locals and ask them if they can direct you to this special spot! If you’re already a local, then you more than likely already know where this secret spot is.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or not, this is the best view in town for the 4th of July fireworks show that’s put on every year. Watch as explosive powder blows up at a safe distance away from your head. See, totally unromantic. But, still kind of romantic.

Same goes for New Year’s Eve festivities. Avoid all the traffic and a $90 dollar Uber ride back home and think of something creative!

4. Hidden Spring in Shelby Park

secret nashville


Legend has it that a hidden spring is located in Shelby Park in East Nashville. This is an old photograph of what the natural spring and cave looked like, but it certainly doesn’t look like this anymore. I couldn’t tell you where this place is, because I haven’t seen it, but release your adventurous side and see if you can find it!

During heavy rains, the natural spring water bubbles up and reveals itself, alongside the cave that it’s located in. You’re going to have to get a bit dirty to find it though. The area is overgrown with grass and weeds. But if you do find it, just think of it as your own personal Secret Garden. 

Best of luck and follow that water! Water dosing at it’s finest.

5. Gothic Revival Chapel in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery

secret nashville


Last, but not least is this Gothic style chapel at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The old chapel isn’t exactly ready for a church service, but it’s a great example of 19th century architecture. The building is overgrown with plant life, but you can still work your way around the trees and branches and explore the inside of haunting structure. 

Mt. Olivet is a gorgeous cemetery and it’s a shame that the building wasn’t better preserved. Better get out there while you still can! Nature and old age are know to be the demise of places like this.

When I found the old chapel, I immediately thought it would be a wonderful place for a photoshoot. Photographers get your cameras ready and take some interesting pictures inside this creepy, yet beautiful fortress.

Also, there’s no better way to ponder your existence than tracking through forgotten areas like cemeteries. If you need a day to be inside your head, this is the place to go!