Which Nashville Neighborhood Speaks to You?


While East Nashville holds the title as the hottest city in the U.S. right now, not everyone will find a complimentary lifestyle in its bungalow houses and forward-thinking, hipster-driven restaurants and shops. So which Nashville neighborhood is the perfect one for you and your lifestyle?


If you’re considering a move somewhere within the urban core, chances are you’re doing your homework on the best Nashville neighborhood to live, work, play and maybe raise a family of humans or dogs (or both). Allow us to shine a light on some of the research we’ve done. After all, these neighborhoods are our playground and your future.



Nashville’s Downtown is the heart of the city and from it runs the social, political and economic lifeblood of the city. If you’re a busy professional with a downtown job, the location of this neighborhood is hard to beat. In addition, the nightlife, food, music, events and amenities are hard to beat, whether living in a penthouse or a condo.


While many mid-size cities have robust downtowns that often border on chaotic, Nashville’s downtown offers city-dwellers plenty of places for respite in nature. At the top of this list is the golden Centennial Park, a perfect retreat for avid nature lovers. Take relaxing walks here, attend cultural events and local fairs, and picnic with family and friends. 


Downtown has easy access to: 


Downtown might be the neighborhood for you if you’re: 

  • A busy professional who wants easy access to work
  • A couple who prefers the amenities of city life
  • At a different event or concert every night
  • Single and like to show off beautiful views of the city to your friends


12 South

As far as a Nashville neighborhood is concerned, 12 South is the best if you want a little bit of everything. Can’t decide between easy access to downtown and the artistic vibe of East Nashville? Thankfully, 12 South is the perfect in-between, the best of both worlds. With low-key restaurants and local-owned shops sprawled out across this neighborhood, 12 South is perfect for a first-time homebuyer or simply a relocating into a lively little community.


While 12 South isn’t the best neighborhood for people allergic to tourists or college students, it’s an amazing place for those who love social excitement and a buzz of activity.


12 South has easy access to: 


12 South might be the neighborhood for you if you’re: 

  • A couple looking to buy your first home
  • Looking for a hot investment property
  • Have a young family and like pedestrian-friendly communities
  • Appreciative of small shops and a small community


East Nashville

East Nasty is more than a killer foodie Nashville neighborhood. Yes, artisan restaurants line the streets of Five Points and sit on every east-side corner, but have you ever visited the cluster of shops at The Idea Hatchery or the bookworm environment of Her Bookshop? The historic east-side of Nashville is a hub of artisans, musicians, craftsmen and everyone else who wishes that they were.


One of the best things about East Nashville is that it functions like its own small town. It boasts its own hot yoga studio, natural foods store (like a mini Whole Foods) and farmer’s market.


East Nashville has easy access to: 


East Nashville might be the neighborhood for you if you’re: 

  • A young, hip family with at least one artist in the family
  • Looking for a great place to invest in
  • In need of a mid-sized home that can attract cool roommates
  • A social butterfly who likes to be in walking distance (or short Uber distance) to the best speakeasy bars
  • A foodie who eats out more than in (and when you do eat in, it’s from an app)



Historic Germantown is a quickly developing Nashville neighborhood, while only making up a limited 18-square-block area. History in this neighborhood is preserved and built upon versus bulldozed over. It’s a treasure chest of architectural beauty while being one of the best examples of urban mixed-use done right. 


Germantown’s food scene is no small matter, either. It sits at the top of the best food in the city, boasting restaurants with classy atmospheres and marvelous dishes. Additionally, Nashville’s annual Oktoberfest is held in this neck of the city. Appropriately, you might say.


Germantown has easy access to: 


Germantown might be the neighborhood for you if you’re:

  • A growing family in search of a quaint neighborhood
  • A fan of industrial-style architecture with pops of color and style
  • Excited by sidewalks that you can take Sunday strolls on
  • In search of quiet city living


Aren’t there more amazing neighborhoods in Nashville? Absolutely. There are many more amazing neighborhoods including the beautiful Belle Meade, the shopping-mecca Green Hills, and upscale West End. If you’re not seeing something that tickles your fancy and you’d like more information on other areas, contact us here at Dwell Music City. Our skillset is in helping you find the perfect home in the perfect Nashville neighborhood. Period.


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