No one ever said you had to be a millionaire to have a little thing called style! Sometimes penny pinching can help you find just what you’re looking for, but at a much lower price. Whether you’ve got a taste for all things vintage or a desire to show off your modern sensibilities, these carefully curated furniture shops are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.

Gone are the days of painstaking bargain hunting. Get on board with these sites and furniture shop in the future!

1. LoveSeat

I recently met the creator of Loveseat, who said he started the company because he wanted to design his dream job. Since then, he’s been thriving in the online furniture sales business.

He initially opened up a store in San Diego and began restoring vintage furniture, which he bought at auctions, yard sales, and thrift stores. With an eye for design and the desire to keep antiques alive, he began advertising his little shop online, which eventually grew into what it is today.

When he told me to check out the website, I was hesitant because I thought everything would be wayyyyyy overpriced. The business of restoring antiques is expensive and you’ve got to make a profit somehow. Like many customers of Loveseat, I was happily surprised to see a dramatic drop in prices, though. Being a historian, I know that he’s marked these pieces way under what their value are.

This year, Saasaan opened up another Loveseat in LA, giving buyers the choice to visit the San Diego and LA warehouses to view and pick up the restored antique furniture. If you simply want to shop online, he will ship the furniture out to you!

Fall in love with Loveseat by viewing their gorgeous antiques!

2. WayFair


I was introduced to Wayfair through good old fashioned advertising. Just like me, you’ve probably already seen one of their commercials on your TV at some point. When I was moving houses, I finally decided to check out what all this buzz was about.

Since then, I’m pretty much addicted to this website. Like it’s actually a problem on an extreme level. I have a rug from Wayfair, my bed is from Wayfair, my headboard is from Wayfair, I have a table from Wayfair, and I’ll probably participate in their 70% off spring dining room sale.

I’m not kidding, it’s become an issue.

They always have the best prices, plus they are constantly having sales on essential home decor. You definitely need to subscribe to this website, so that you get in on some of these deals.

Everyone loves a deal! Check out their current sale now! 




EBTH or Everything But the House, is sort of like eBay for estate sales. Here, customers can place a bid on online auctions within about every city in the U.S. You can also scroll through each auction based on the city that you live in, so you’re able to pick up the product, or you can have what you purchased shipped to you. I’d recommend only shopping within your city because their shipping is ridiculously expensive.

Nevertheless, if you live in a major city like Nashville, LA, NYC, Dallas, Miami, etc, you’re going to find some incredible sales. They take out the haggling with the owner of the estate part, which is great. Often owners of estates become attached to their mementos and aren’t able to properly get rid of them or they overprice everything to the point of oblivion.

Whether you’re looking for new artwork or a couch, EBTH lives up to its name. You can literally buy everything but the house here.

Check out the sales that they have going on right now!

4. Amazon


Amazon is an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve purchased several home items from this world famous website and I’ve yet to be seriously let down.

The best thing about Amazon is Amazon Prime. Where else do you get free two-day shipping? Sometimes, you can even get it the next day. This site is really revolutionizing the way that online shopping is done. It’s also fast, convenient, and they feature a vast amount of products. With a quick search, you’ll be able to sift through a variety of rugs, chairs, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, and so much more!

Why go to IKEA, when you can just have your new couch delivered by someone else? Seems like a no brainer to me!

They also give you great home style ideas by selecting products that they think you’ll like or that other customers bought, once you’ve clicked on a product that you’re interested in. Mixing and matching has never been easier!

5. Hayneedle



Finally, visit Hayneedle for your daily dose of serious style. The site is very similar to Wayfair and they are consistently having amazing sales. Right now they are having dining room, living room, gardening, and patio sales all at once. Their prices are discounted, which means that you can get some really cute stuff at an affordable price!

At the top left hand side of the website, they have a guide with home decor ideas listed: rooms, styles, ideas. If you click these links, you’ll be able to shop under the guidance of interior decorators. It’s also a good way to keep up with the latest home trends and fashions.

No matter which site you decide to use, you’re going to find some great steals! Online shopping for your new home or a home undergoing some remodeling is a great way to start this spring!