Is it just us, or could we all use a laugh right about now?

It turns out real estate agents and loan officers are some of the funniest comedians out there. Who knew? From music video parodies, to tongue-in-cheek satire, to mildly cringeworthy jokes, YouTube has a treasure trove of real estate agents trying their hand at comedy. Occasionally, the results are actually quite funny! Below are 5 of the best real estate videos we could wrangle up.

**Disclaimer** A couple of these videos include some “adult” humor and sporadic profanity, but we thought they were too funny not to include on this list. Feel free to skip those ones if you want!


1. The Funniest Real Estate Video Tour

In just a minute and a half, super-suave real estate Reilly LePage makes a pretty strong case for why you should buy the condo he’s selling. When he nonchalantly points out that it has “a kitchen” while opening the oven and wafting an imaginary scent toward him, how could you not be sold?

1. Real Estate Comedy: “The Crazy Buyer” by the Broke Agent

This is the most-watched video by The Broke Agent, and for good reason. It really would be insane if someone acted like this in real life. While it gets a little inappropriate toward the end, this scenario is too absurdly hilarious not to share.

3. The Really Real Realtor

As you’ve probably already guessed, this video is not about a real realtor, but is instead an experiment concocted by Ellen DeGeneres and one of her show’s writers. The writer pretends to be a realtor, and has to take a phone call from her boyfriend, sing a popular song, and make a blowfish face on a window, all while taking an unsuspecting couple through a house showing. Hilarity ensues.

4. Things Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers Wish They Could Say

This compilation video satirizes the difficulties real estate agents and loan officers face every day. We promise it’s not really this bad, but there’s a shred of truth in every joke, right? (While on the phone with a client who wants to sell before fixing the roof, a loan officer offers us this gem: “Big gaping hole in the roof? No problem! Nobody needs a roof, nobody expects that. That’s what they make buckets for.”)

5. Funny Real Estate Agent

The video’s title makes it pretty obvious what to expect, but this real estate agent isn’t “funny” as much as he is “scatterbrained.” Nevertheless, he has a few note cards to help him out, and a fondness for the work “nook.” What could possibly go wrong?  (Side note: we promise our team is at least slightly more prepared than this real estate agent!

We hope a few of these videos gave you a chuckle! If you’re in the market for more real estate related humor, head on over to YouTube. They have about 5 million more videos like the ones above.