10 Easy Ways to Stage Your House


Prepare Your Nashville House for an Easy, Breezy Sale



It’s officially springtime in Nashville; sunshine, rain showers, flowers and all. With the flurry of spring comes the time of year that many homeowners decide to put their houses on the market. You might be wondering: How do you stage your house for the perfect sale?


Research has shown the average sale price of a property can be increased by 1-5% simply because home staging tips were implemented before the house hit the market. Additionally, seventy-seven percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.


Most importantly, buyers “need to fall in love,” says Cohen, from Forbes. “Large assets like this have more emerging competition. So it is absolutely critical that you have it beautifully staged, that a buyer can walk in and say: ‘Okay, I am ready to move in.’”


The average home staging costs around $675. If you can get a 1% increase in the purchase price, that means a $200,000 house will sell for $2,000 extra dollars. That’s a profit of $1,325.


But it’s not necessary that you use a professional staging service. Furthermore, it’s actually simpler than you might think to stage your home yourself. Here are ten easy ways to do it:


1. Lights On and Heat Up


When you stage your house, anticipate your electricity bill going way up. Lights should be left on for showings that happen you’re gone, and always, always keep the house at a comfortable temperature of no less than seventy degrees.


2. Clean Your Carpets


Buyers only know what they see. Unless your home is a fixer-upper, badly worn or very outdated, carpets should be replaced before coming on the market. Offering a buyer credit to pick their own new carpet or a discount off the price is far less effective and will always end up costing you more money and slow the selling process. Pick a light-colored short plush or frieze carpet.


3. Smells Matter


It might come as no surprise to you, but cooking or smoking odors, dog or cat odors, baby, laundry and mildew odors will turn off buyers. If there is a challenge with odors in your home use room deodorants or disinfectant sprays and keep windows cracked open for ventilation even in very hot or cold weather. (There are great products in pet stores for pet odors, and many professional carpet cleaners have special ozone machines that can really help with difficult odors.)


Showings can happen at any time. In anticipation, try to keep the fish and strong spices at a minimum. They can be a massive turn-off. Consequently, work towards achieving a clean smell. Get rid of kitchen odors by pouring hot salt water down the drain twice a week. Grind lemon rind into the disposal. Dog & cat dishes, pet bedding, and toys should be placed in the garage. Try using baking soda or get a professional cleaner to remove any odd smells from furniture and carpeting.


4. Comfort Speaks Louder Than Words 


It’s not just a cliche that chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven can help make your home more attractive. Help buyers imagine their life in your home. Set the scene by displaying a board game or tea service on the coffee table, and arrange furniture in conversational groups. Let a slideshow of beautiful images play on your television like a screensaver.


5. Stow Away Your Belongings


Family photos, toys, cosmetics in the bathroom, and countertop appliances in the kitchen should all be stowed. Leave only necessities, and store them in cabinets. Try to pack up each room by 30%. As strange as it might seem, this creates a bigger feeling to every room.


6. Think About Your Buyer’s Needs 


Always anticipate the needs of your buyer. Do you own a family-style home? And are your buyers looking to move into the school district? Set out a flyer describing all the information regarding local schools. Stage your house by thinking of what your buyers are looking for. 


7. Make Your Bathroom a Spa 


We recommend clients purchase solid white towels, rugs, and shower curtains when preparing to sell their home. Thankfully, these simple luxuries don’t cost much. They can make a huge difference, though. And what’s not to love about white?


8. Paint Walls in Neutral Tones


Real estate experts believe certain paint colors inspire buyers to put in an offer, and often suggest that sellers repaint their home in these hues to create a blank canvas for optimal staging. Neutral color palettes allow potential buyers to imagine their own color schemes.


9. Be Respectful 


Religious symbols and family photos do not help to stage your house. A good agent will be the first to tell you this about your home, and home stagers echo the sentiment. By taking out those personal touches, potential buyers won’t wonder about who lives in the home, and will instead picture themselves there.


10. Do a Walk-Through


We rarely take the time to get a good look at our homes. Try standing in the doorway of each room and try to view the space as if you’d never seen it before. You’ll not only see what needs a good cleaning, you’ll be more likely to notice what could be removed to make the room look bigger, and what you might do to make the room appear more inviting or versatile.


Could those double doors be replaced with glass doors for more light? Would new cabinets modernize your kitchen? Could a new mirror upgrade your bathroom? Would replacing your floral bedspread with something more neutral make the room more appealing to all genders? Even simple changes can make a huge difference.


This expertise was provided by Dwell Music City, your trusted authority on all things related to real estate in Nashville. It is our pleasure to answer any questions you may have. Contact us here for more information.